Engineering Jobs without Resumes

Designed Exclusively for Engineering Professionals looking for Jobs

There are over 20 Primary Engineering Disciplines
Engineers work in over 80 Industries

Easily one of the most complex, diverse careers on earth

Each of these 20 Disciplines and 80 Industries
have their own unique Skillsets

When added together the list of skills and software platforms used by Engineers is huge!

For Careers this Complex, you need a Dedicated Website
Custom-designed Exclusively for Engineers

Job Opportunities should be sent to you directly based on your Skills, not on how well you wrote a Resume

Stop spending hours searching for Jobs Online

Our Engineering Skills Matrix Database will do the Searching for you Automatically

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For Jobseekers

We use an engineering skills keyword database to land jobs for you in these disciplines.

Freedom from Resumes, Job sites, Junk Emails, Cold Calls, getting Ghosted forever

Always Free for Jobseekers

The Problem

Recruiting Expert talks about the problems with the current system
Engineering Czar helps engineers and managers make better choices because it makes better matches

Does the current system work for you?

Are you tired of getting in the ‘que’?

Are you overwhelmed by the seemingly endless number of job sites out there?

Do you love getting daily emails that are mostly irrelevant?

Did you know that up 300 engineers apply to the same job on average?

How will the shifting economy affect your career?

Do you wish there was a simpler, easier way?

Why is the recruiting world such a mess?

Frustrating Job Search? It’s Not You — The System Is Broken

Liz Ryan

The Solution

engineers need their own job site
Best Pizza in Town

First let’s start with the basics. Where do you go to find the best Pizza?

A Pizzeria or a family diner?

Obviously a specialty shop will put greater emphasis, have deeper understanding and produce a better, higher quality product than a generic one-size fits all competitor.

Yet, when it comes to looking for engineering jobs, we expect to get good results from sites that attempt to fill everything from secretaries to rocket scientists.

There are over 20 primary engineering disciplines and each of those can be applied to over 80 Industries. This makes engineering one of the most skills-diverse, complex job sectors on earth.

Do This Simple Test

How can we possibly expect sites like Indeed, Ziprecruiter and Monster to accurately and efficiently find jobs for us?

Do this simple test. Search Google for ‘Civil Engineering Jobs’.

The results will be the usual suspects – Indeed, Simplyhired, Monster and Ziprecruiter. None of which specialize in the field of Engineering.

Engineering Professionals need their own dedicated site!

Keywords instead of Resumes

keywords are better than resumes for finding engineering jobs

Resumes have too much information in them and they are not standardized. This makes them extremely difficult for a human or ATS (computer) to accurately assess them.

The very first step when screening 100s or even 1000s of candidates for an engineering job opportunity, should be filtering on the required skills.

Once a short list based on skills is created, further vetting can take place – reading resumes, phone calls, interviews, etc.

An Engineering Skills Matrix Database completed by all candidates, is the only way to accurately filter on skillsets. Using this database instead of posting jobs online and then screening huge numbers of resumes saves incredible amounts of time and money.

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