Hi, I’m Steve Novak

I work in content marketing, but for most of the past 30 years I’ve been an Industrial Automation Specialist. I’ve worked all over the world writing PLC code, designing HMIs, managing teams, commissioning, creating control narratives and making sales calls.

I’m currently running my own freelance engineering job site, Engineering Job Czar. In the process of optimizing SEO and ensuring content marketing best practices for my own site, I noticed something curious.

Being both an engineering professional and a content marketer, copywriter and SEO consultant, uniquely qualifies me to bring this huge black hole within our industry to your attention.

Just about every EPCM and SI in North America puts almost no effort into Content Marketing to improve their online footprint.

Talk about a huge opportunity for companies to beat the big guys to the front page and steal all their traffic!

I encourage you to do this simple test. Do a Google search for the following keywords that apply to your company.

  • electrical engineering services
  • electrical engineering company
  • industrial automation services
  • plc programming
  • plc programming services
  • hmi programming

You probably get the idea, substitute whatever discipline your company specializes in and execute the search.

If your company shows up on the first page for whatever relevant keyword phrase you used, congratulations, you have great content marketing and technical copywriting for your site and are well on your way to making a fortune.

But! If your company didn’t show up on the first page, we need to talk.

You’re probably thinking to yourself that ‘all the companies that beat me are just bigger and more powerful

You might be very surprised. Click on the first organic website that shows up on the results page.

Scroll past all the stuff at the top to get to the first organic site

Once you find the first true organic site, click it’s link and visit their webpage. Then ask yourself these questions.

  • how many employees does this company have? (goto LinkedIn and check)
  • are they bigger than my company?
  • are they more reputable than my company?
  • are they more relevant than my company?
  • do they deserve to be more visible than my company and thereby steal all the traffic for this keyword?

Let me guess, your answer to most of these questions is an emphatic NO correct?

The reason they are on the first page is not because they are some huge conglomerate, but because they optimized for SEO, have great content marketing, technical copywriting and probably have a weekly Blog as well.

Use your Blog as a Sales Funnel.

use a blog to drive sales

Establish your site as an Authority and drive sales leads with Content Marketing

(99% of your Competitors are completely ignoring this incredibly Sales tool)

How would you like to create a steady stream of Sales Leads?

Did you know that the majority of your Competitors are completely ignoring their Blogs and SEO? Send us a request and we will send you a website report comparing your Online Metrics with the companies of your choice!

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10 Steps

The following Steps will increase your online presence, SEO, brand awareness and ultimately – increase sales leads.

  1. Choose a hot topic. This the most important step in the entire process. Without a relevant, well researched, sought-after topic to write about in your Blog, no one will care. The idea here is not to flaunt your services but to inform, educate and address pain points for your audience.
  2. Create an awesome headline. When it comes to writing a blog post, your headline can make or break your entire post. So it’s important to nail this step.
  3. Craft a Compelling Intro. Topic? Check. Headline? Check. Now it’s time to grab your reader’s attention. How? Your blog post introduction.
  4. Write Your Post. Now it’s time to write SUPER engaging content.
  5. Add a Conclusion. Cap things off with your conclusion. Your conclusion is VERY important (especially if you want lots of people to comment on your post).
  6. Optimize for SEO. Just because you’ve written a brilliant post doesn’t mean it will automatically be seen by anyone.
  7. Find out what sites are posting content like your post.
  8. Find out what sites your competition is having their posts published on.
  9. Find out which posts and pages on your competitor’s sites are getting the most organic traffic on and what links are feeding them.
  10. Promote your posts to ensure maximum exposure and increase sales, drive traffic to your site to build trust, brand awareness and authority.

A well written Blog will drive traffic for your BD group

Blog copywriting can increase your SEO visibility. Google and the other search engines will ignore sites that don’t regularly post compelling, relevant content. A Blog is the easiest way to ensure that search engines keep crawling your site.

Your Blog should have new material posted every week. The purpose of these Posts are not just for advertising your company or making announcements. But, they are primarily for educating and informing people in engineering on topics they are interested in.

With time and a steady stream of expertly crafted Blogs posts, your site will start to rank high as an established authority for all things engineering. This in turn becomes a magnet for both new customers as well as top engineering talent.

But just writing a great Blog post is just the beginning

Here are some good Blog topic ideas for sales leads

  • New products
  • Upcoming events
  • Industry trends
  • Customer success stories
  • Product or service reviews
  • Behind the scenes
  • Charity work
  • Contests
  • Reader polls
  • How-to information

Your Blog posts should intrigue, inspire and educate readers – not sell to them.

blog copywriting

Increase sales through blogging

Backlinks are considered by search engines like Google to be one of the most important features that a website can. This is an excellent article explaining why backlinks are so critical. Companies that have lots of links from other relevant sites are assigned a high ranking.

Most companies ignore this all important metric.

In order to thrive in today’s Remote marketplace a good online presence is essential. Relying solely on traditional marketing outreach will only take you so far. Besides, why wouldn’t every business owner love having a sales lead machine working 24/7 that automatically drives new clients your way and creates brand awareness?

Here are a couple of good articles that talk about how important a healthy, effective website (that has good SEO) is for any business.

The Importance of Websites for Business

SEO 101 The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

12 Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO

Getting Help with your Blog

Posts must be focused and very high quality otherwise, Google may actually penalize your site. The fact is that the vast majority of your competitors completely ignore their Blogs and post only every 2 or 3 months. And quite often those posts are short, uninteresting and underwhelming.

Even if you have someone within your company who is currently maintaining your Blog, is this really the best use of their time? And do they possess the skills necessary to…

  • find the right topic
  • write compelling copy that is SEO compliant
  • promote to relevant sites and create backlinks

Your goal should be to have your company site showing up on the first screen of a Google search for any of these keywords.

  • engineering company
  • engineering firm
  • EPCM
  • automation integrator
  • system integrator
  • plc programming
  • dcs programming
  • hmi programming
  • engineering construction
  • engineering commissioning

….and many more.

Chances are, your company isn’t showing up for any of these words, even for your geographical location. If so, it’s time to start practicing good content marketing and make that happen.

Good SEO is completely free and organic. But it takes time and an investment in a good Blog to get there.

We can help drive sales leads, increase sales and SEO with Blog Copywriting

Contact us for an estimate. Our team will create new posts for your Blog each week. Follow this link to see samples of our work.

Each weekly post will be provided to you as either a Word doc or PDF depending on which your developer prefers.

You will always have final say on the approval of each post. You can either submit topic ideas to us or we will make suggestions for you based on research for what is currently hot.

A contract isn’t necessary. Simply pay us each week via PayPal after we post.

Contact us and we’ll show you in real time with a live screen share how your site stacks up against your competitors for keyword ranking

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