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March 22, 2021

Search-Connect-Hire Engineers

No more reading resumes and completely FREE! Our Database contains thousands of Engineering Professionals that can be filter-searched in minutes. Hire Engineers for both Staff or Freelance positions. Engineering Job Czar

February 27, 2021

Engineering Resource Management Software

Searching for Hidden Skills Engineering Resource Management Software for EPCM, Producers, Manufacturers. There could be specialized skilled resources within your team, but without a quick, easy way to find them you could waste a lot of time searching. The search could be scattered across different tools, risking delayed responses, and hasty resourcing decisions. Days are wasted moving back and forth, searching through existing excel sheets

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February 20, 2021

Applicant Software FREE One Year Trial

Engineering Job Czar is a new applicant software platform designed exclusively for connecting engineers with hiring managers. But we are not an agency or applicant tracking system. We’re completely unique! Get one Full Year of Unlimited FREE Access to our database! We have 1000’s of highly skilled engineers and technology professionals available at no cost to you – no obligation and no credit card. Access