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March 16, 2021

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Looking for a Civil Engineering Job?

Everyone knows exactly what to do the minute they find themselves out of work and in need of a job. Go to a job board site such as indeed, monster, ziprecruiter, etc. and start surfing and spraying the internet with their CV. Maybe reach out to friends and colleagues and others within their professional network. Some might even try emailing their resumes to various HR departments or calling a recruitment agency.

This can be extremely frustrating and ineffective.

“Is the labor market at near full employment or are people sick of trying to find jobs through an HR process that is broken within most companies?”

Jason Monastra

But, this stable of strategies is both familiar and comfortable for us as they are considered the gold standard or status-quo for finding a Civil engineering job in the US. But are they effective and are there any alternatives? The fact is that job searching, and recruitment hasn’t changed all that much in the last couple hundred years! Think about it. Going back to ancient times, if someone needed to hire a worker, they would post a job opening on whatever media was available at the time, which after approximately 1440 and the invention of the printing press, usually meant the local newspaper. Qualified workers would then respond to the job opening with their resume. Sound familiar? The only thing that changed in recent times is that we moved from print to the internet.

Job Boards move from Parchment to Print

Why Would Anyone Apply Through Job Boards?

The fact is that for every Civil Engineering Job posted on an internet job board, up to 250 applicants will apply for it. This tsunami of interest then forces the hiring managers to scan all the resumes that are uploaded thru an ATS. These big job board sites actually don’t want you to find a job. They make Billions as long as someone is always looking and someone is always hiring.

It’s also the reason that applying for jobs through job boards gives such horrible odds of success, according to reports from two major job boards. That’s right … job boards themselves are telling you that using their service gives lousy odds of landing a job you applied to, even when you’re qualified

Phil Rosenberg

The Era of the ATS has Arrived!

Civil Engineering Job Applicants are facing the rise of Applicant Tracking System software (ATS). These are those insanely long forms that you’re forced to fill out when applying for a job on top of uploading your resume and giving the name of your first born child! This software is used by employers to screen applications. It identifies specific keywords within hundreds of online applications and sorts them accordingly.
In this ‘keyword’ driven system, your resume is no longer being read by human eyes. If you’re missing specific keywords, the computer simply moves past you.

“When you apply for a job online, your resume isn’t typically going directly to a recruiter or hiring manager. It’s first being processed by an ATS. Whether that human recruiter ever sees your resume could depend on how well your resume is optimized for ATS algorithms.”

James Hu

Herein lies the inherent flaw with this keyword matching ATS algorithm when it comes to matching Civil Engineering Jobs with candidates. It starts with your resume. Firstly, it contains far too much detailed information for the first cut. Then for the second round, it probably doesn’t have enough keywords. You could never hope to have every combination of every relevant keyword, plus their synonyms contained within one resume. That means you need to create a custom resume – for every job you apply for! Then, the best computer software in the world will never be able to match a job description, with one set of keywords, with a resume that has another set of keywords. Sure, some of them are obvious like ‘Civil Engineer’. But when the filters start becoming 3 or 4 or 5 longtail keywords, it simply doesn’t work anymore.

Using a Keyword Database to promote your Civil Engineering Career

Engineering Skills Keyword Database

How about a nationwide relational Civil engineering keyword database with an embedded, custom-designed, Skills Matrix? Candidates could be easily filter-searched and notified when their skills, education and industry experience matched a resource-seeker’s inquiry. No more surfing for Civil Engineering jobs online ever again!

  • All keywords for Civil Engineering career preloaded into one database.
  • Engineering Skills Database has nationwide exposure and is available to every hiring manager in the country for only $30/month.
  • Civil Engineers can be easily filter-searched, notified and connected to hiring managers within minutes of executing a search.
  • This searchable central database is exactly the same process that occurs when we look for everything on the internet – cars, vacations, insurance, etc.
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