February 10, 2021

Become a Freelance Engineer

Let’s face it. The world has changed and that means we need to change along with it, or risk being left behind. In a Millennial dominated, post-Covid engineering world – there will more emphasis on working remotely, frequent job-bouncing and task-based assignments. Gone are the days when you could work for one company your entire career and retire with a nice pension. Freelancing has great

February 5, 2021

The Age of the ATS

Engineering Job Applicants are facing the rise of Applicant Tracking System software (ATS). This software is used by employers to screen applications. It identifies specific keywords within hundreds of online applications, and sorts them accordingly. In this ‘keyword’ driven system, your resume is no longer being read by human eyes. If you’re missing specific keywords, the computer simply moves past you. Engineering Job Czar doesn’t

February 3, 2021

We are not an ATS, Agency or Resume Repository

I am often asked, by both engineering job and resource-seekers, to explain how our system works. The fact that we are radically different from traditional recruiting systems catches some folks off-guard. People have been educated their whole lives about job boards, resumes, cover letters, cold calls, agency commissions, etc. so when you hit them with something outside that box, it throws them for a loop.

Comparing Job Search Platforms

Most of us know exactly what to do the minute we find ourselves out of work and in need of a new assignment. We go to our favorite job board site such as; indeed, monster, ziprecruiter, etc. and start surfing and spraying the internet with our CV. We also reach out to our friends and colleagues and others within our professional network to put the

The Future of Recruiting is finally here!

It’s 2021 and nothing has changed in the world of recruitment. Everyone is still using the same old tired system of job boards and resumes. This practice has changed very little going back to when jobs were posted on cave walls; 'hunter gatherer needed, must have own spear'. Sure, we eventually moved onto parchment, then print and finally the internet, but it's still the same