February 12, 2021

Engineering Hiring Managers Love this Site!

Your ATS will reject 70% of the resumes that are scanned for job opportunities within your company. You’re probably losing a lot of good people in there.

The systemic problem lies in the fact that job posts and resumes are two independent documents.  The best algorithms in the world will never be able to bridge this keyword-chasm.

But, what if a list of engineering keywords, accessed by both hiring managers and jobseekers, were pre-defined and finite? This would remove the ambiguity of who is qualified and prevent the ATS flushing of top candidates.

And, as an Engineer yourself, no one is better qualified to select the relevant keywords that best define the nature of your job opening.

An Engineering Keyword Database (not keyword matching within a job post and resumes) is the most logical, affordable and accurate way to source candidates – directly.

Try it Free today!

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