Engineering Job Czar
February 17, 2021

Engineering Job Czar – Tech Company News

A Revolutionary New Job/Recruiting Concept

Engineering Job Czar
Group of engineering professionals

Tech Company News featured our site, Engineering Job Czar, in their Feb 2021 online issue.

Below is our recent interview with Steve Novak, Principal of Engineering Job Czar

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Engineering Job Czar?

A: Engineering Job Czar is a revolutionary new job/recruiting concept. Our site has a traditional job board, but the real power of our platform is the Engineering Skills Database at our core. This skills matrix database has all the education, discipline-specific skills and industry experience categories pre-loaded into it. Jobseekers (Engineers & Technology Professionals) don’t post their resume like other sites, but instead detail their professional careers using our pull-down menus.

Q: How does your platform differ from traditional platforms for recruiting?

A: Traditional recruiting systems all rely upon the resume. Companies will use an ATS to streamline the process of organizing huge numbers of resumes, but the inherent flaw will always be the resumes themselves. Scanning and extrapolating accurate, useful career data from an individual’s resume is difficult since resumes are not standardized and are as unique as the people who wrote them. They are prone to errors, unique acronyms, embellishment and critical information that is either poor or missing altogether. It’s the old adage in spades – garbage in equals garbage out.

Engineering Job Czar replaces the resume with an engineering skills database. Jobseekers create their career profiles by selecting categories and subcategories for education, discipline specific skills and industry experience using our pull-down menus. This standardizes all the career data and now makes it easy to execute a very detailed filter-search using the exact same fields and pull-down menus – like looking for a car on eBay.

Now Hiring Managers can do their own candidate sourcing simply by executing filter-searches.

Engineering Job Czar – Tech Company News

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