February 13, 2021

Engineering Recruitment Made Simple & Easy

Engineering staffing agencies and engineering recruiters

Hiring Managers – there in now an alternative to using engineering staffing agencies or recruiters.

When it comes to recruiting engineering talent for your team, there are very few choices currently available.

You can.

  • Post a job online
  • Go thru your HR Dept.
  • Hire engineering staffing agencies

Engineering staffing agencies and engineering recruiters will end up running the applicants thru an ATS. 70% of the resumes will be rejected because they lack the proper keywords.

Plus, a certain percentage of those that do make it thru will have cheated by purposely copying and pasting the keywords from your job description directly into their resume (not exactly an ideal way of finding the most qualified candidate).

There’s little doubt that a lot of great people are slipping thru the cracks with this system and you pay top dollar for the pleasure of using it!

The systemic problem with engineering staffing agencies or recruiters is  too much reliance on resumes, job boards and Applicant Tracking Systems that combined, have all of us chasing each other in big endless loop.

What is you could skip all of these fuzzy, fluffy, ambiguous entities and go directly to an Engineering Skill Keyword Database that is chock full of top engineering talent, and do a simply keyword filter-search?

And, as an Engineer yourself, no one is better qualified to select the relevant keywords that best define the nature of your job opening. Engineering recruiters and staffing agencies are not qualified to have intimate understanding of the complex skillsets that relate to a career in engineering.

At Engineering Job Czar our goal was to create a simple, low cost, powerful way to find engineering professionals. The current systems are complicated, time consuming and potentially very expensive.

An Engineering Keyword Database (not keyword matching within a job post and resumes) is the most logical, affordable and accurate way to source candidates – directly.

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