13 Feb. 2021

Engineering Recruitment Made Simple & Easy

Hiring Managers – there in now an alternative to using engineering staffing agencies or recruiters. When it comes to recruiting engineering talent for your team, there are very few choices currently available. You can. Post a job online Go thru your HR Dept. Hire engineering staffing agencies Engineering staffing agencies and engineering recruiters will end up running the applicants thru an ATS. 70% of the

12 Feb. 2021

Engineering Hiring Managers Love this Site!

Your ATS will reject 70% of the resumes that are scanned for job opportunities within your company. You’re probably losing a lot of good people in there. The systemic problem lies in the fact that job posts and resumes are two independent documents.  The best algorithms in the world will never be able to bridge this keyword-chasm. But, what if a list of engineering keywords,

12 Feb. 2021

70% of Resumes never get Read by a Human

Why do you continue to do something that has such a huge failure rate? You know that the system is rigged against you. ATS systems will reject your resume simply because it lacks the right keywords and cares nothing about how good you actually are. Are you ready to break free of this bot-driven, binary-screening system and try something that is based on what you

12 Feb. 2021

Speed and why Headhunters need lots of It!

When multiple agencies all have the same job order – speed becomes a major factor. Those that get the resumes in the quickest win the fee. Candidate delivery systems may include your ATS, posting on the Internet and lots of cold outreach. While you’re busy practicing Post N Pray and trying to match keywords that may or may not line up, your competition is using

11 Feb. 2021

The First Cut is the Deepest (for Resumes that is)

Resumes aren’t required for the first cut, there’s too much information in there. After the field has been narrowed, based on skill keywords, then it’s time to take a deeper dive into a candidate’s other supporting documents –  resume, cover letter, certificates, etc. A keyword database (not keyword matching within a job post and resumes) is the only logical way to quickly get to a

11 Feb. 2021

AI for Recruiting

What silicon valley has missed is that engineering managers and engineers themselves don’t care about resumes for the first pass. The hard skills of the candidate is what needs to be known before moving to the next vetting round. Implementing a keyword cross-reference search and calling it AI sounds really good, but it’s just a computer comparing a resume to a job post instead of

10 Feb. 2021

Become a Freelance Engineer

Let’s face it. The world has changed and that means we need to change along with it, or risk being left behind. In a Millennial dominated, post-Covid engineering world – there will more emphasis on working remotely, frequent job-bouncing and task-based assignments. Gone are the days when you could work for one company your entire career and retire with a nice pension. Freelancing has great

05 Feb. 2021

The Problem with Job Ads

Engineering Resource-seekers are quite often guilty of creating Job Postings from the job description. This makes for vague, unappealing job ads that many applicants struggle to assess if they are even qualified for. This usually results in a ‘flood’ of applicants that get fed into an ATS. The ATS is computer software and can only screen whatever information is available on each resume – and

05 Feb. 2021

The Age of the ATS

Engineering Job Applicants are facing the rise of Applicant Tracking System software (ATS). This software is used by employers to screen applications. It identifies specific keywords within hundreds of online applications, and sorts them accordingly. In this ‘keyword’ driven system, your resume is no longer being read by human eyes. If you’re missing specific keywords, the computer simply moves past you. Engineering Job Czar doesn’t