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How would you like to earn more money plus choose how and when you work?

For Engineers & All Technology Professionals

92% of job seekers said they think now is a good time to look into the gig economy.

Why should you start Freelance Engineering?

You will have the unique ability to contract your work to a variety of clients. You don’t work for a company or firm, but instead represent yourself as an independent engineer for hire.

People can contact you directly. Or, clients can contact you through a freelancing site, which provides an easy way for them to find the exact type of employee they need to fill virtually any position.

What type of Engineers can Freelance?

There are Freelance Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineers, etc. Just about every discipline can function as a contractor.

Depending on the type of role required and the stage of the project you are hired for, you might be working remotely from your home office, your client’s office, onsite or a combination of these.

How hard is it to become a Freelance Engineer?

It’s incredible easy to set yourself up for Freelancing. Simply sign up a membership on a freelance engineering site. Engineering Job Czar was designed specifically for engineering professionals and is completely free.

Signup a Free profile with us, Engineering Job Czar, and showcase your skills to hiring managers on a worldwide scale.

What are the Advantages of becoming a Freelance Engineer?

There couldn’t be a better time to start your new career. With more people choosing to work from home, and more employers choosing to hire independent contractors, the job market is ripe.

Freelancing gives you the freedom to pick and choose when you work and how much you want to work. You can work for one or multiple clients at the same time. But best of all, freelance engineers typically report making more money than their staff counterparts.

By drawing from a nationwide pool of job opportunities, you stand a far better chance of maintaining a steady stream of income despite fluctuations in the market. By comparison, a staff engineer’s fate is completely dependent upon one single source for their livelihood. Which recent times have shown, unfortunately, is no longer reliable.

Freelance Engineers control their own destiny!

With a profile on Engineering Job Czar, you are firmly in the drivers seat. Your professional brand will work for you 24/7 online to provide a steady stream of opportunities. No more waiting for the axe to fall or sweating each time there is a slight fluctuation in the economy that negatively impacts your sector. Becoming a freelancer also makes you less susceptible to age, sex and race discrimination as your technical skills are the main focus.

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Hiring a Freelance Engineering Team Will Save You Money

When you hire a freelance engineer you are not responsible for many of the costs associated with a traditional employee. In most cases you are not providing office space, laptops, software, and much of the other equipment that is necessary for an engineer or product design team to work.

Freelancers are hired when you need them and for a limited time period which ensures every hour is chargeable. By doing this, you can hire experts that you normally may not be able to afford.

Less red tape, no benefits package required, no holiday pay and best of all – no severance or compensation needed at the end of the assignment. While you may pay marginally higher rates for freelancers the lack of associated expenses still makes freelance engineers and production designers a more cost-effective hire.

Customize Your Engineering Team to Suit Your Needs

You benefit from hiring a freelance team by being able to pick and choose the expertise you require. To be successful, freelancers must be disciplined, independently motivated, and must continually hone their skills and that’s a huge bonus for you.

Freelance engineers and designers will often take on projects covering a wide range of topics. This exposes them to a wider range of experience compared with their salaried counterparts, whose value typically lies in their ability to specialize in a particular discipline.

Freelancers are continually learning and maintaining a broad knowledge base. This experience is incredibly valuable to clients, as they can benefit from a freelance engineering and design team’s fresh and innovative perspective.

Hiring Freelance Engineering Professionals Dedicated to Your Ideas

According to recent studies, 97% of people who freelance are satisfied with the independent style of work. The high degree of control that freelancing offers, along with the potential for a healthy work/life balance, is attractive to many college-educated engineers and CAD designers.

When you hire professional freelancers, you’re hiring extremely competent people who care about your project and are dedicated to working with you!

Where can you find Freelance Engineers and Designers?

Engineering Job Czar is the only Freelance site dedicated exclusively to ALL of the main engineering disciplines. At the center of our platform is a skills keyword database that makes it easy to filter-search the exact freelancer your project requires.

Get started today with a Free one-year subscription!

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