February 5, 2021

The Age of the ATS

Engineering Job Applicants are facing the rise of Applicant Tracking System software (ATS). This software is used by employers to screen applications. It identifies specific keywords within hundreds of online applications, and sorts them accordingly.

In this ‘keyword’ driven system, your resume is no longer being read by human eyes. If you’re missing specific keywords, the computer simply moves past you.

Engineering Job Czar doesn’t use Resumes or Applicant Tracking Systems. Our entire platform is built around an Engineering Keyword Database. Jobseekers add all relevant keywords for Education, Skills and Industry Experience to their profiles using our pull-down menus. And resource-seekers come along and filter-search those same keywords – all within the same database.

Never get passed over again and ensure that your profile makes it to the next round of vetting for job opportunities.

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